SW-PTF Anchor

SW-PTF Anchor ( Permanent, Tensile and Frictional )


The SW-PTF anchor system is a tensile-frictional type permanent anchor system, which has been widely used in Korea and overseas, with sufficient research results and application history. It has outstanding corrosion and rust protection, and is used for various permanent purposes such as lift up resistance, supplementation and stabilisation of cut sections at new load and additional construction area, stabilisation of slope, supplementation of walls, and stabilisation of tunnel pit mouths based on its advanced quality obtained through standard production process.

There are two types according to the form of the Nose-cone; an open type and a closed type:














Anchors are manufactured using steel strand to distribute the load into the ground and are fully housed in a high density polyethylene corrugated sheath for long term corrosion protection. The strands in the bond zone are bare while the free length is greased and sheathed to isolate this portion of the anchor from the grout and allow for elongation during stressing. This type of anchor can be designed for a life expectancy of up to 100 years.