Samwoo Anchor Technology

SAMWOO – South Korea

The inventor and manufacturer of new technology anchors as like as “Removable Strands” and “Distribured Strands”.


Using anchors for constructions in urban areas is attractive as it leads to an effective construction management and shortening of the construction period. But this also caused serious problems, due to the difficulties in removing the tension members in later construction works or when issuing usage permits for nearby areas. It is also very difficult to remove the stands buried in the ground. Therefore, it really worth to have a removable anchor which enables the removal of the strands after completing the excavation process. SAMWOO has developed and commercialized this product for the past years and obtained numerous patents for this. The SW-RCD anchor system is a compressive-distributive type removable anchor that can be removed after usage. Since this product can be removed by man force without requiring cranes or backhoes, it is the most efficient in various aspects, such as time, space and cost.