About Us

ANAHICO GmbH was established in 2010. Our main goal as a trading company is to present the novel technologies and facilitation solutions for the civil and mining projects. In addition to providing geotechnical products and services, our expert advisory team is always prepared to cooperate with leading companies and is able to supply a variety of new and ready-to-use overhauled drilling machines from around the world. Some of the companies we have been worked with are listed as following:

  • ISCHEBECK – Germany

The inventor of the soil stabilization method by self-drilling system and the only manufacturer of the permanent self-drilling equipment

  • SAMWOO – South Korea

The inventor and manufacturer of new technology anchors as like as “Removable Strands” and “Distribured Strands”

  • FABULEX – South Korea

The inventor of the novel friction method for soil rock stabilization without slurry

  • NPK – Japan

The excavator accessories manufacturer including hydraulic breakers (also for underwater applications), with excellent power-to-weight ratio and efficiency

  • WIMMER – Austria

The Manufacturer of various attachments for hydraulic excavators including hydraulic cutters, demolition shears, screener and crusher, drilling units and hydraulic breakers

  • Temporary Self Drilling Hollow Bars

The supplier of self-drilling equipment for temporary soil stabilization

  • Element Six – Germany

The manufacturer of different types of Picks and drill bits and hydraulic cutters holder.

  • JAPAN TOOLS – Japan

The manufacturer of different kinds of chisels and accessories for hydraulic breakers

  • OPTIMAL – Germany

The manufacturer of hydraulic machines for Transplanting (moving trees) can be installed on the excavators, loaders and trucks (Middle East dealer)

  • SPANTEC – Germany

The manufacturer of different types of Rock Bolts, Nails and Anchors, including corrosion protected and double corrosion protected (DCP) and many more.

  • WEBER – France

The manufacturer of Foams and Resins for mining and tunneling projects

  • ALLU – Finland

The Manufacturer of hydraulic screener and crushers

  • CCRI – China

The Manufacturer of roadheader and excavators