SW-PDC Anchor

SW-PCD Anchor ( Permanent, Compressive and Distributive )


The SW-PCD anchor is a load distributive compression type permanent anchor which utilizes extruded steel strand for outstanding rust and corrosion resistance. The SW-PCD anchor is manufactured so that the extruded steel strand penetrates through the inside and secures to the end of the anchor body. This design distributes the jacking force along the length of the anchor body which maximizes the effective cross-sectional area of the grout body. Therefore, the compressive force transferred to the grout body is much higher than conventional compression type anchors. The SW-PCD anchors are used largely for permanent sheathing and shoring, tiedown anchors to resist buoyancy forces, slope stability and landslide control as well as numerous other applications. The SW-PCD anchor consists of multiple unit anchors in a single borehole and each unit anchor has its own individual tendon and is loaded with its own unit stressing jack.

The SW-PCD permanent anchor is manufactured using extruded greased steel strand for maximum rust and corrosion resistance, which is individually secured to the end of the anchor unit with greased grippers / end blocks placed inside stainless steel sleeves and end caps with rubber rings. The anchor unit is created by die-casting techniques using aluminium metals.

The SW-PCD permanent anchor is manufactured in a semi-automated standardised facility with state of the art equipment resulting stringent quality control and outstanding quality assurance. Anchors are fully assembled and packaged in coils for transportation.